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Strategy TurboScalp ( Fibonacci retracements )

This strategy works on five trading periods during the day since the 01/01/2000, without any stop loss reached.
This perfect regularity give us a profit between 9 and 20% by year during all these years with an average of profit of 14% by year.


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Three offers:

  1. you can buy the robot and this strategy with all these parameters, on which you can work and perhaps find by yourself others possibilities of automated trading. The price for complete access and total disponibility for the Robot and all the parameters of this strategy is :                                                                                                                      .............$

  2. You have access to this strategy without access to the robot. You will receive regular update, depend of your broker and his trading hour. For the complete access to this strategy without access to the robot :                                                                          ...........$

  3. You have access, like in offer 2, to this strategy but you work on one of my recommended broker. I would have a better following of your using of this strategy because I know perfectly my brokers. For this offer :                                                ...........$

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